• “This deck and guidebook was worth every second of the wait. What a stunning and captivating work of functional art.”

    - Casey Bee, US

  • "The deck is just so beautiful, the artwork is stunning and the detail and execution wonderful beyond words!"

    - Ann Forte, UK

  • "This guidebook?!?!? This is no guidebook, this is paper bound conversation, a museum tour [...] parented by art and science, nature and nurture, poetry and passion."

    - Heather Radecky, US

  • "I’ve been reading tarot for 17 years, even professionally, and I’ve never seen a deck like this. The detail in both the artwork and thought process is unparalleled. I’m in awe."

    - Colleen Clancey, US

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Plant wisdom at your fingertips 



Velvety wood and soft linen wrapping up your senses 

Plant wisdom at your fingertips

La Flora Tarot is a botanical tarot deck based on the Rider Waite Smith system going far beyond the aesthetics of plant drawings. It is a true study on the correlation of plants and all the Tarot archetypes in a deep, meaningful way.


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