laluli presents La Flora Tarot

laluli presents La Flora Tarot
As individuals, we are constantly in the process of becoming. Therefore, self-knowledge is an ongoing, ever-lasting process, and can be greatly aided by the Tarot as a tool applied to understanding the world and our place in it. As a collective, we are all connected through this process, which, in turn, provides the backbone to a collective past we can access through our ancestors.

The Tarot helps us perceive the world not in terms of fixed principles, but in terms of processes. It may influence the way we perceive time. We are consciously making decisions which will affect our becoming. The Tarot helps us to conceptualize our past and draw connections to our desired outcome, or future.

Striving to link biology to mythology, to philosophy, to Tarot archetypes, La Flora brings the Botanical World to the Tarot using plants as paradigmatic examples.

Welcome to the La Flora garden,

Iara Côrtes.
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