Part woo-woo, part science, La Flora Tarot is a botanical Tarot deck for plant lovers.

“All that world of flora lived as mutes, whose signs I divined, whose passions I discovered.” — Théodore Rousseau


ARCHETYPES weaved in PLANT biology. Based on the Rider Waite Smith system, La Flora Tarot blends woo-woo and science in a unique approach to tarot reading that is both less esoteric and more philosophical.

“...pulls you out of what you think you know” — Jenny Dale. Herbalist, healer, tarot reader.


Stylistically, La Flora is based on a highly curated selection of centuries-old drawing masterpieces originally created for scientific purposes, but with an artistic edge. These botanical masterpieces were beautifully reproduced using the drawing technique of stippling, creating a common thread that weaves together all the art in La Flora Tarot.

Experience the depth and meaning of the connection between plants and tarot archetypes with La Flora Tarot.


Hello! I am Iara Côrtes.
Brazilian born, Canadian by choice, life made me summer and winter-hardy. In fact, I am hard to kill.

Besides my borderline pathological obsession with plants, I draw and create things I wish existed.

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The name laluli is a tribute to my little sister’s three daughters: Larissa, Luana and Linda, born in this order.