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LFX - La Flora eXperience

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The LFX is my way of bringing to you what I believe to be an incredible  and delightful experience to accompany the reading with the La Flora  Tarot. It all starts with the modular box,  a large, sturdy, velvety wooden box which houses all elements for the perfect La Flora Tarot reading experience. If you are anything like me,  you will want to have all the beautiful LFX items on display and ready  for use, especially with a bespoke four-leaf clover medallion at the  front! With this in mind, I made the box cover a reversible design which  will fit snuggly in the underside, helping elevate the box into a small  altar for the La Flora Zen garden display. Oh yes, have I mentioned that there is a Zen garden display with black sand, rakes and four raw tourmaline stones?!

The LFX comes with two La Flora Tarot decks: one in a beautifully designed wooden tabletop box and the other on a carrying wooden case. Both beautifully adorned with La Flora’s four-leaf clover emblem forged in black metal, differentiating them from the standard La Flora Tarot wooden deck box, whose clover is laser engraved. The tabletop box truly deserves a special display spot as a minimalist art piece which contains even more art, beauty and revelations inside awaiting those who dare to open it. Both the tabletop and the carrying case, follow on the footsteps of the modular box, featuring magnets for that gratifying tactile feeling when closing them.

Another item to receive special treatment was the ever so lovely and useful set of four card holders forming the four-leaf clover shape. The LFX version comes with four tourmaline marbles which rest perfectly on the tip of each holder’s carved surface, adding to the already stylish and versatile piece.

Besides touch and sight, the only other sense left for me to explore to help create a full experience was smell, and I held absolutely nothing back! On my side, I had the great aromachologist, Lorianne Anderson, from Spirit Element, to create a bespoke oil blend for La Flora Tarot with the explicit intention of achieving calmness and self-confidence. I discussed with her thoroughly about what I was aspiring and simply let her do her magic. The result is a deliciously sensuous and explicitly floral all-natural rose and jasmine oil blend which comes in an elegant and practical black apothecary jar. The soothing feeling and seductive scent will take you to a place of resolute peace, bar none. Also, a beeswax candle, colored black with vegetable dyes, works as an air purifier and emits a light close to the sunlight spectrum and will help set the mood for a holistic reading session.

Finally, the La Flora eXperience will include all complementary items available in this campaign, such as the reading cloth, the lucky coin, a set of seven La Flora Tarot Art Prints Set and the Softcover Guidebook.